9 English

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr N. Fry

Welcome to the Tauranga Boys’ College English Department. For the first time in your school life, you will study the English language you use everyday, as an independent subject. 

You do not have the distraction of girls or the embarrassment of looking stupid in front of the opposite sex.  This is your time as young men to shine!

TBC is a decile 6 state school with an outstanding reputation for educating boys. What you will learn over the next five years will equip you with the skills to communicate and understand ideas using oral, visual and written language. Knowing these skills will ensure success through school and the rest of your life.

ENGLISH-How we communicate

ORAL LanguageVISUAL LanguageWRITTEN Language
Listening/SpeakingViewing/ PresentingReading/Writing
Eg. Songs, speeches, radio shows, podcastEg. Films, music videos, Video games, posters, signs, brochuresEg. Books, magazines, newspaper, online articles

Course Overview

Term 1
Short Text Study
Diagnostic Assessment- Basic Skills, Reading Comprehension, Formal or Creative Writing

Term 2
Extended Text (WRITTEN)
Speeches (ORAL)
Response to Text (Written)
Oral Presentation

Term 3
Film Study (VISUAL)
Visual Presentation Unit
Response to Text (Film)
Visual Presentation

Term 4
Exam Revision
EXAM- Basic Skills, Reading Comprehension, Formal Writing


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