Academic English (ACEG) 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms D. Wilson


Open Entry for year 12 students - Students should be timetabled in all other mainstream classes.

Year 13 students may enter at the discretion of the Head of Department where UE has already been attained.

This course is suitable for students for whom English is not their first language. It offers the opportunity to achieve English Achievement Standards in an environment suited to second language speakers. Students will have the opportunity over two years to gain their UE literacy credits. Where English language skills are very low, students will be offered the opportunity to complete English Language assessment standards to support their achievement of each NCEA level.

Course Overview

Term 1
Students begin the year setting up their Reading Responses portfolios, which they will work on independently over the course of the year. They will complete a writing text on a familiar subject which will be used for their first internal assessment which requires them to resent information on a familiar subject.

Term 2
In term 2 the class will begin work on a written text novel. They will learn to analyse characters, themes, settings, language features in preparation for their final External Examination.

Term 3
In term 3 level 3 students will begin work on their research project; their formal writing text. Level 2 students will work towards further reading, writing and listening standards and assessments. All internal assessments will be completed by the end of this term.

Term 4
All students sitting the external examinations will be gaining a thorough understanding of text analysis and question specific responses. Students working on the research assignment will hand in their final submission before leaving on study leave.

Learning Areas:

English, Languages