Design 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss R. Elmes


Open Entry - 10 Art or 10 Design preferred

Design is the study of photography, design, computer generated art, electronic media and film. It is through a combination of these forms we communicate, learn about ourselves and make meaning of the world.

•Basic computer skills
•Digital photography
•The design process using a brief.
•Folio presentation
•Type and Image

Level One Design is entirely practical, hands on and engaging for all students. Students select their own subject matter and learn how to generate and develop ideas for their theme. The culmination of their years work is the presentation of a final folio board outcome.

We welcome any student whether they have prior Photoshop or Design experience. 

Course Overview

Term 1
Learning the conventions of digital design, students will produce a range of design and photographic outcomes based on their chosen theme.

Term 2
With the introduction of selected artist models, students will continue to develop work based on their chosen theme.

Term 3
Students continue to design work based on their chosen theme as they work towards the completion of their external, two panel, folio submission.

Term 4
Students submit the work they have completed for marking. This is done on a 2 panel folio board and shows the students generation and development of ideas.

Learning Areas:



Design 2, Photography 2, Visual Art 2

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$60 (+ Any additional costs associated with Software Licensing)

Assessment Information Students complete one internal assessment and an external folio submission. The external folio submission is completed during the year so no examination is sat.
Pathway Tags

Graphic Designer, Architect, Illustrator, Product Designer, Photographer.

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