Drama 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms K. Vercoe


Open Entry - 10 Drama preferred

Students will perform scripted and devised theatre to incorporate the following strands of the Drama curriculum:

• Investigate the forms and purposes of drama in different historical or contemporary contexts, including New Zealand Drama.
• Select and use techniques, conventions, and technologies in a range of dramatic forms.
• Research, evaluate and refine ideas in a range of dramatic forms to develop drama
• Perform and respond to drama and make critical judgments about how elements, techniques, conventions, and technologies are used to create form and meaning in your own and others’ work

An emphasis will be on becoming competent, confident performers, and being a well-functioning, creative team player.

Course Overview

Term 1
A focus on using dramatic techniques (voice, body, space, movement) to evoke character and meaning. Students will choreograph fight sequences within the context of presenting a Batman scene in the style of the 1960s TV show. They will explore how melodramatic conventions are typically used in superhero texts.

A.S. 90006 Drama 1.1 - Apply drama techniques in a dramatic context

Term 2
A research into the features of Commedia Dell'Arte, resulting in devising typical scenes. Students will learn about the stock characters and how they are presented on stage, learning about their recurring lazzi, and the typical action they contribute to . They will make their own masque replicating those worn in original performances and learn how to perform effectively wearing a masque, using body and gesture to compensate for the missing facial expressions. Learning about the conventions will culminate in an energetic, audience interactive, street performance.

A.S. 90999 v4 Drama 1.4 - Use features of a drama/theatre form in a performance
A.S. 90998 v2 Drama 1.3 - Demonstrate understanding of features of a drama/theatre form

Term 3
What makes impacting theatre? An exploration of using conventions and techniques to create a devised (own creation) piece suitable for performing to a Y11 audience. Students are encouraged to shift away from a plot-driven film approach to Drama, and use theatrical conventions to put forward a message in their creation.

Revision for End of Year Practice Examination

A.S. 90997 Drama 1.2 - Devise and perform a drama
A.S. 90998 v2 Drama 1.3 - Demonstrate understanding of features of a drama/theatre form

Term 4
Revision and preparation for the external examination, in which you will show your understanding of the conventions of Commedia Dell'Arte, as developed through the Term Two assignment. A focus will be on learning about Renaissance ideologies and philosophies, which influenced the development of this theatre form.

A.S. 90998 v2 Drama 1.3 - Demonstrate understanding of features of a drama/theatre form

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