Drama 3

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms K. Vercoe


Open - DRA2 preferred

• Research, analyse, and critically evaluate how drama, including New Zealand drama, interprets, records, or challenges social and cultural discourse.
• Research, analyse and integrate elements, techniques, conventions, and technologies in dramatic forms for specific purposes.
• Research, critically valuate, and refine ideas to create original drama work.
• Analyse, rehearse, and perform works in a range of dramatic forms, assuming a variety of artistic or technical responsibilities.
• Reflect on and critically evaluate a wide range of works and performances.

An example of credits available is listed below.

Course Overview

Term 1
Students will workshop extracts from contemporary theatre, which depict a range of cultural perspectives, including Māori, Pacifika, Indian, and European. They are encouraged to explore creative ways to stage extracts, drawing upon an understanding of the theorist, or theatre form informing the extract. They will workshop extracts from multiple genres including Absurdist, Total, and NZ theatre forms, before deciding on a piece they will prepare for assessment. Students will develop skills in use of voice, body, space, and movement to bring alive these extracts.

A.S. 91512 Drama 3.1 - Interpret scripted text to integrate drama techniques in performance

Term 2
Creating Devised theatre through the lens of a practitioner. Students are exposed to a number of practical workshops on various theatre forms, and will develop an understanding of how a practitioner's theory can influence style and content. For example, students create scenes which depict a political message, drawing on Brechtian conventions, after looking at Banksy's art. Or, after reading war stories as a stimulus, students create scenes on PTSD, using conventions of Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty. The final piece is assessed against both the Devising and Theatre Form standard.

A.S. 91513 v2 Drama 3.2 - Devise and perform a drama to realise a concept
A.S. 91515 v2 Drama 3.4 - Select and use complex performance skills associated with a drama form or period

Term 3
Brechtian Epic Theatre. Students will study Brecht's theory through a practical exploration of a play such as 'Children of the Poor', or 'The Threepenny Opera', culminating in a substantial acting role performance. Each student will take on a significant role and perform in front of a live audience. The direction and creative vision for these pieces will be guided by the teacher.

A.S. 91517 Drama 3.6 - Perform a substantial acting role in a significant production
Optional: A.S. 91514 Drama 3.3 - Interpret a text from a prescribed playwright to demonstrate knowledge of a theatre form or period

Term 4
Optional: Entry to the External Examination in discussion with the teacher.
Optional: Scholarship preparation

Optional: A.S. 91514 Drama 3.3 - Interpret a text from a prescribed playwright to demonstrate knowledge of a theatre form or period

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