Mandarin - Level 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 1689214

Mandarin at Level 1 prepares students for communication between friends and family. Akonga learn about family and everyday life, travel, and getting around their hometown.  The aim is to develop functional communicators who can share their interests, and make new mates. 

Course Overview

Term 1
Reintroducing ourselves to Mandarin: revision of Level 10 vocabulary and grammar
Nǐ xǐhuān shénme? (Are you interested?): Brainstorming of topics for the year.
Let's talk about it!: Oral Presentation at term's end.

Term 2
Yeah, write!: Introduction to the writing portfolio
The business: Topics include family, directions, and school. Speaking, listening, reading, and writing are all important.
Exams: Mid-year

Term 3
Yeah, write!: Writing portfolio continues, and is due at the end of this term. 
Speak up: Some students may be offered the opportunity to complete the Interact (spoken) portfolio.
Ongoing business: Further topics are health, travel, and holidays.
Exams: End-of-year

Term 4
Exam revision


Open Entry - 10MN preferred

Credit Information
Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 90868 v2 Chinese 1.1 - Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken Chinese texts on areas of most immediate relevance
A.S. 90869 v2 Chinese 1.2 - Give a spoken presentation in Chinese that communicates a personal response
Term: , Week:
A.S. 90871 v2 Chinese 1.4 - Demonstrate understanding of a variety of Chinese texts on areas of most immediate relevance
A.S. 90872 v2 Chinese 1.5 - Write a variety of text types in Chinese on areas of most immediate relevance
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 19 credits.
Externally Assessed Credits: 10 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 9 credits.

Pathway Tags

Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation, Translator, Editing and Publishing, Automotive Industry, International Business and Marketing, Diplomacy, Teaching, Law, Sales, Customer Service. Complements careers in Law, Finance and Economy, Engineering, Counselling and more., Writer, Historian, Social Work, Journalist, Marine Biologist, Clergyman, Ministry of Fisheries, Lecturer, Lawyer, Architect, Judge, Child Advocate, NZ Armed Forces, Traveller, Professional Singer/Dancer, Performer, Actor, Kapa Haka Tutor, Radio, Immigration Officer, Television, Exhibition - Carving, Weaving, Painting, Sculptor, Politician, Tourism, Teacher, Linguist, Interpreter, Tourist Operator, Air Hostess, Airline Crew, Airport Worker, Hotel Manager, Import and Export Trader, Business person, Business pers

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