Mathematics 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. Galvan


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Mathematics is one of the eight essential learning areas that help the learner develop the essential skills of numeracy, problem solving and communication.

This is a compulsory course at Year 11. Students will be placed in appropriate classes according to their ability based on their Year 10 results.

Approximately 20 credits will be available in each Y11 Mathematics course.

There are three courses

MAX1 - Mathematics focus with 2 internal and 3 external assessments

MAT1 - Mathematics focus with 6 internal and 1 external assessment

MAA1 - Numeracy focus. Assessments are all internal. 

Course Overview

Term 1
All students will focus on applying numeric reasoning in solving problems. Skills used are; ratio and proportion,
factors, multiples, powers and roots, integer and fractional powers applied to numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages, rates, rounding with decimal places and significant figures, using numbers in standard form.

The second half of the term involves applying measurement in solving problems. Students will be able to; convert between metric units, using decimals, deduce and use formulae to find the perimeters and areas of polygons and
volumes of prisms.

Term 2
This term each of the three classes vary in the learning of Algebra, Geometry or Statistics.

Term 3
This term each of the three classes vary in the content of their learning.

Term 4
This term each of the three classes vary in the content of their learning.

Learning Areas:



Mathematics 2, Mathematics with Calculus 2, Statistics & Modelling 2

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

In-class/at home workbooks and study guides required during the year range from $20-$35 (in total) depending on the course (MAA1, MAT1 or MAX1).

Pathway Tags

Engineer, Architect, Builder, Robotics Engineer, Statistician, Game Designer, Animator, Exercise Physiologist, Meteorologist, Pilot, Mechanic, Stock Broker, Fund Manager, Economist, Machinist, Insurance Broker, Risk Analyst, Teacher, Computer Programming.