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Teacher in Charge: Mr T. Shipton


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Visual storytelling is all around us. From films, to TV, to advertising, social media and more. This subject will give you an insight into visual storytelling, film making and how media is constructed. You will look at how film genre appeals to it's target audience as well as writing, designing and producing your own piece of film. Media Studies combines theory and practical tasks in order to help you build knowledge of the mediums that we consume every day.

•Analyse the effective techniques used by the world’s top film makers.
•Explore film genre.
•Write your own screenplay.
•Design and plan your own film project.
•Film, edit and produce your own original film project.

Course Overview

Term 1
The start of the course is an introduction to how we analyse media texts. A number of key techniques are identified across sound, cinematography and editing. Following this we look at a selection of great scenes from some of the worlds greatest film makers and analyse how they have used these techniques. Following this students will select their own scene from a film to de-construct how these techniques have been applied by the film makers.

Following this students will learn how a screenplay is constructed. The style is the same for film, television and gaming so is applicable in a range of diverse fields. The class will look at some examples of screenplay writing and compare how a scene started off as a screenplay and developed into a complete scene in a film. Once students have understood the format of writing a screenplay they will write two of their own, short scenes.

Term 2
This term students begin to get an insight into what a media genre is and how it impacts on the type of stories that are told. This involves students looking at one specific film genre, examples of films from this genre and also beginning to write a practice essay.

Using the screenplays that students have written, they will now learn about the processes that need to happen to turn those screenplays into a completed film. Students will need to breakdown every element of their screenplay and plan as thoroughly as possible so that their words can be turned into an actual filmed sequence or scene. Once they have done all of this they will have created a blueprint document that can be used to create a scene or sequence for a film.

Term 3
The bulk of this term is dedicated to taking the blueprint that was created last term and physically making it into a scene or sequence. Students have the option of working by themselves, in a pair or in a group of three. They will physically need to find everything they need. Then they will need to work together to film all of the required footage. They will finally need to edit it all together and make it as compelling as possible for an audience to view.

During this term students will also continue their genre study. As well as understanding what determines whether or not a film belongs to a particular genre or not, they will be able to apply their analytical skills to a film of this genre and demonstrate an understanding of how effectively the elements of the genre are used by the film makers. This will lead into the senior exam week.

Term 4
This final term is dedicated to completing their genre study. Students will look at a range of examples from across the genre and get an insight into how the genre has been able to evolve and develop and change over time. While the bulk of the term is based on revision for the end of year exam, students will also be able to share their own films with the class and reflect on the challenges that are involved in film making.

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Media Studies 2

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Special Effects Creator, Videographer Storyboard Artist, Sound Engineer, Editor, Film maker, Television Producer, Game Designer, Youtuber, Screen writer, Film Critic, Analyst, Tourism, Extreme Sports Producer, Film maker, Stuntman, Conceptual Designer, Set Builder, Graphic Novel Writer, Journalist, Current Affairs Reporter, Animator, Imagineer, Digital Designer, Stop Motion Animator, Product Reviewer, Event Management, Digital Content Production, Fight Choreographer, Props Builder, Costume Designer, Actor, Comedian, Presenter, Creative Writer, Reality Television Creator, Film Development, Stunt Driver, Musician, Composer, Titles Designer, Drone Pilot, Set Designer, Historian, Popular Culture Specialist, Weapons Builder, Driver, Social Media Coordinator, Film Critic

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