Whakaari 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms K. Vercoe



Nau mai haere mai

"Kia kawea tātou e te rēhia" - Let us be taken by the spirit of joy, of entertainment

Whakaari - Level 1 links to the New Zealand Arts Curriculum, Drama (Toi Whakaari). The course is open to all students wishing to study Drama in a Māori context. 

This course explores the techniques of acting in the theatre and beyond. Students will learn the Drama ‘elements’ and ‘techniques’ to create multiple devised and scripted performances in groups. There is a focus on live performance, and the interaction between audience and performer. Students are required to make some written judgments about how their own techniques and others’ communicates meaning.

** All credits in this course count towards Level 1 Literacy **

No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa.

Course Overview

Term 1
In traditional Māori society, the whare tapere was a site for storytelling, dance, music and games. The Māori Renaissance celebrated a reemergence of this theatrical artistry. Ākonga will engage with incorporating elements of Māori Performing Arts through exploration of the creation story. Through consideration of this pakiwaitara they will explore aspects of tīkanga, ritual, and mātauranga Māori in practical performance. Emphasis will be placed on bringing to life the story, using voice, body, space, and movement to convey character and meaning. Students will learn to work collaboratively as part of an ensemble.

A.S. 90006 Drama 1.1 - Apply drama techniques in a dramatic context

Term 2
NZ Theatre

A class reading of 'Awhi Tapu' will lead to working towards a performance of an extract from the play. Ākonga will consider and demonstrate understanding of developing a role within a scripted context, taking heed of direction from the teacher.

As an optional extra standard, ākonga will be provided with the opportunity to see live theatre in preparation for the external examination. At the end of the term students will revisit their own and viewed live performance and write about these in a practice examination. Students will apply their understanding of how elements, techniques and conventions convey meaning, in performances they have been in, and a performance they have seen.

A.S. 90009 Drama 1.6 - Perform an acting role in a scripted performance
A.S. 90011 Drama 1.7 - Demonstrate understanding of the use of drama aspects within live performance

Term 3
Hanga te Whare Tapere - Devising
Ākonga will devise and perform their own original drama. Devising involves improvisation as a key tool in exploring and selecting conventions to create elements of the drama. Students will use traditional stories as stimulus. The devising process involves an ongoing cycle of discussion, exploration, and experimentation.

The final performance will be assessed against an English and Drama standard:
A.S. 90997 Drama 1.2 - Devise and perform a drama
A.S. 90857 English 1.6 - Construct and deliver an oral text

Term 4
Revision and Exam Preparation

A.S. 90011 Drama 1.7 - Demonstrate understanding of the use of drama aspects within live performance

Learning Areas:



Drama 2, Whakaari 2

Career Pathways

Communications Professional, Kaiwhakaako Māori