Year 13 in 2021

 All Year 13 students select six subjects, or five plus study or semester options.


· It is crucial that you give serious thought to your academic aims and select courses to suit. Involve your parents, tutor and teachers in your choice.

* You can only study at NCEA Level 3 in a subject if you meet the ENTRY requirements. If you did not take a pathway course at Level 2, or achieved fewer than 14 credits in that course, you will need HOD approval. Otherwise you should consider studying at Level 2 again.

  • A year 13 programme has this structure:

Option 1. 5 periods

Option 2. 5 periods

Option 3. 5 periods

Option 4. 5 periods

Option 5. 5 periods

Option 6. 5 periods 

 30 periods

Typical programmes of study:

For example, you could take:

6 Level 3 subjects OR

4 Level 3 and 2 Level 2 subjects OR

3 Level 3 and 3 Level 2 subjects OR 



Entrance to University and Polytechnic

· Different Universities and Polytechs may have different entrance requirements, and within a University, different degree programmes may also have different entrance requirements. It is always advisable to contact the particular tertiary provider for confirmation.

·  U.E. is the minimum required by most Universities and Polytechnic’s for degree entrance-level courses:

·   U.E is gained by a combination of:

 i. Level 3 NCEA plus

 ii. U.E. Literacy plus

 iii. L1 Numeracy plus

 iv. At least 14 credits in three approved L3 subjects.


· Students must see Mr Meys if they are in any doubt regarding the entrance requirements for particular University courses.

Need additional help?

* Ask your subject teacher or Form Teacher

* Ask the Head of Department

* Ask one of the Student Liaison staff: Ms Jones, Mr Meys, or Mrs Wallace-Boyd.

* Ask the year-group Tutor.

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