10 Health & Physical Education

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr S. Kelly

Physical Education is the study of critical “learn through doing” physical education issues facing our young people using physical activity as the medium.

This is a compulsory subject at Year 10. Students with a genuine interest in sport and physical activity are encouraged to also select Athlete Development Programme (10ADP) as one of their options.

Course Overview

Term 1
Titan Fit - Theory and Practical
Theory - is based around knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition and exercise physiology looking at what the students require for Level 6 of the curriculum and Level 1 courses in Athlete Development and Physical Education.
It also equips the students with the knowledge to be proactive in their fitness and physical health.

Practical - students complete a pre-test against the titan fit criteria and then train through-out the term to develop their fitness. They then complete a final assessment at the end of the term.

Term 2
Social Responsibility and Leadership
Students develop an understanding of what it means to be Socially Responsible and qualities of an effective leader.
They then design modified games and take the class through this game being assessed on their leadership capabilities.
The class is then split into teams and run a Tchouckball tournament where they develop their social responsibility and are assessed on this at the end of the unit.

Term 3
Sexuality - Boys work through a unit based around decision making and look into areas such as consent and personal responsibility.
Teaching games for understanding (TGFU) - students develop tactical awareness and strategies for success in a range of ball games.

Term 4
Discrimination - students encouraged to examine stereotypes and the effect that this can have on themselves, others and society.

End of Year Exam - 1 hour.


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