Tauranga Boys' College

Getting Started with Online Course Selection

Click 'Courses' on the left of the screen.

'Courses for Me' - is a list of suggested courses

'My Courses' - is a lis of courses you have selected

Please iInvolve your parents in the course selection process. Remember courses selected because “my mates are doing it” do you no good at all.

Form teachers are also able to help. They will look at your choices and go through them with you.
Your Academic Tutor can also provide guidance:
Year 9 Tutor: Mr Leech
Year 10 Tutor: Mr Brewer
Year 11 Tutor: Mr H Deacon
Year 12 Tutor: Mr M Orchard
Year 13 Tutor: Mr G Hyett

Accelerate Tutor: Mr Salmon
Academic Support Tutor: Ms R Elmes

· Make sure that you understand the entry requirements for all your subjects. If you have not met these requirements you will usually not gain entry into the course.
· The school timetable is structured to give as many students as possible their option choices. This requires option selections to be made by the stated deadline.
· Whether a particular course runs depends on staff available and sufficient student interest.