Current Year 10 Students


If you do not have a career in mind, don’t panic. Most students do not make up their minds until later. However, you should start thinking about what you might like to do. Look at the subjects you are interested in or are good at and discuss your strengths and weaknesses with your family. It is in your interest to be as broad as possible, to enable you to still have choice in Years 12 and 13.


Year 11 and 12 Students


If you have a particular career in mind, you can get information on what subjects to take and at what levels to take them on-line using the computers in the CAREERS CENTRE or at home (check out:  Do not hesitate to see Mr Meys, the Careers Counsellor, if you have any questions regarding your future career.


Many current jobs may be obsolete in a few years. It is also possible that tertiary institutions may have new courses available to study by the time you leave College. Seeking advice and help is a good idea if you are unsure.


*    First, ask your Subject Teacher or Form Teacher

*    Then, ask one of the Student Liaison staff:

o   Your Academic Tutor

o   Mr Meys (Careers Counsellor)

o   Mrs Wallace-Boyd (Guidance)