9 Mathematics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. Galvan

Welcome to Mathematics at Tauranga Boys’ College. The course is based on the NZ Curriculum Levels 3, 4, 5 (CL3/4/5). The aim of this course is to develop Mathematical thinking and enhance problem-solving strategies.

There are many important links between Mathematics and the world around us.

Number - the basic life skills of budgeting, wealth, and purchasing.

Algebra - creating code and formula to find solutions.

Geometry - shapes, and angles are everywhere.

Probability - discovering the various possible outcomes.

Measurement - applying Number skills to practical problems.

Statistics - using data to make informed choices.

Course Overview

Term 1
1. Number:
Whole Number Basic Facts & Strategies & Special Numbers
+, −, ×, ÷, factors, multiples, prime and square numbers
Parts of a Whole
Ordering decimals and rounding
Use integers to solve problems
2. Number:
Ordering and understanding equivalency
Finding ‘part of a whole’ and % changes
3. Revision and End-of-Term 1 Test
Term 1 tests feedback & student evaluation

Term 2
4. Measurement:
Perimeter, area and volume
Time and rates
5. Algebra:
Generalising number properties leading to simplifying algebraic expressions
Substituting into formulae eg Area: A = b x h
6. Revision and End-of-Term 2 Test
Term 2 test feedback & student evaluation

Term 3
7. Algebra:
Substituting into formulae
Solving linear equations
Rules, co-ordinates and linear graphs
8. Probability and Proportional Reasoning
Use fractions, decimals and % to understand and solve probability and ratio problems
9. Revision and End-of-Term 3 Test
Term 3 tests feedback

Term 4
10. Geometry:
Shapes and transformations
Angles and their properties

11. Revision and Term 4 Exam
12. Problem Solving/ Statistics

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Teachers are upskilling their knowledge regarding integrating technology into Mathematics. Students will use their devices to complete additional tasks online. These tasks will complement the work that is being covered in class.
Please help your son to organise himself so that his allocated tasks are completed on time. This may need to be completed as homework. If you have any queries regarding his homework then please contact your son’s teacher in the first instance.

There is no need for your son to have a calculator for the Year 9 Mathematics course. We will teach a range of numeracy strategies to encourage mathematical thinking and develop a better understanding. (The Year 10 boys are strongly encouraged to use a scientific calculator for the Year 10 Course - cell phone calculators and BYOD calculators cannot be used in tests).