10 Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr A. Wright

A chance to further explore the pathways possible if a student has a strong interest in music.  Students will prepare and rehearse performances with the opportunity to learn an instrument or take singing lessons, no prior lessons are required.  Aural, theory and analysis skills are developed in preparation for Level One Music.  Finally students will create and record their own original music using recording and notation software. 

Course Overview

Term 1
The course is approached in a holistic fashion as the knowledge and skills developed cross over each curriculum strand. We have weekly aural and score reading sessions and once a week students will prepare and rehearse a piece of music to be performed at the end of the term. It is expected that students work closely with their itinerant teacher and reflect on their progress throughout the term. The Elements of Music are covered in detail in order to develop analytical skills, we do this through arrangement and compositional tasks which help establish some basic skills in these areas also.

Term 2
Students continue to develop their aural and score reading skills and prepare another performance piece. We apply our analysis knowledge and begin to explore the social and historical contexts of western classical music and jazz. Finally students work towards submitting and original composition.


Open Entry
Experience in learning a musical instrument or having taken year 9 Music is an advantage, but not essential.