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Chemistry - University or NZ Scholarship

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Ibbitson

NZ Scholarship Chemistry; or 100 Level Chemistry paper from The University of Waikato, CHEM102B(SEC) - Chemical Reactivity.

Course Overview

Term 1
During the first term we will look at quickly recapping the work done in Chem3, with the option for students to enter any of the external exams at the end of the year. The course then moves onto to looking at scholarship Chemistry; especially questions involving Organic Chemistry and Thermochemistry.

Term 2
During the second term we will continue looking at scholarship questions; especially questions involving Aqueous Chemistry. During this term we will also start looking at concepts that will be covered in the University paper.

Term 3
The CHEM102B paper will start term three. The paper is divided into two parts, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. The papers involves completing 11 laboratory experiments and reports, one per week.
During this term you will also sit two 1 hour tests.

Term 4
The university paper will finish at the start of term four. There will be a 3 hour exam that covers both the Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry sections.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$75 paid in full before the course starts.
NB: This course is subsidised by Tauranga Boys College. If the student withdraws at any stage, you a liable for the full cost of the paper ($848).

A laptop that can be used to research, play lectures, write reports and has excel.
A tablet or an Ipad is not suitable.
A set of headphones.


HOD approval - Students need to have completed the level three Chemistry course and achieved at least 16 credits and also UE Literacy.

Please do not select this course if you have not already completed CHEM3 in the previous year.


It is the policy of Tauranga Boys’ College to have school-wide policies that inform parents and students of the criteria for administering all Assessments for National Qualifications.

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