Design 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss R. Elmes


If you did not take a pathway course at Level 1, or achieved fewer than 14 credits in that course, you will need HOD approval. email: [email protected] if you do not meet the pre-reqs for this course.

Design at Level Two requires students to generate and develop ideas in response to a topical issue. The learning involved includes being able to think creatively, problem solve, work collaboratively and to show the progression of an idea across multiple outcomes.

This course is largely practical, equipping students with knowledge and skills to apply at both Level Two and Level Three Design.

Course Overview

Term 1
Students design a logo/masthead for their chosen topic or brand. Learning about typography, motifs and symbols will underpin the generation and development of their design and brand collateral.

Term 2
Students develop designs in posters, magazine covers and double page spreads based on the style and conventions of their chosen artist model.

Term 3
The development and extension of ideas continues in term 3 with students taking greater ownership of the ideas and development of their advertising material.

Term 4
The presentation of all branding outcomes on the external folio board concludes the students year in Design.

Learning Areas:



Design 3, Photography 3, Printmaking - Level 3, Visual Art 3

Assessment Information Students work towards two Internal assessments and an external folio submission. Although classed as an external students complete the work during the year and present for final submission in term 4.
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