Mathematics 3

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. Galvan


Achieved 14 or more credits in a pathway course at Level 2, and attempted an External Assessment in that course. Alternatively, you will need HOD approval.

This Level 3 course, with four Internal Assessments and one External Assessment, offers two areas of Mathematical Learning:

1. Statistics:  

Using the Statistical Methods and the 'Statistical Enquiry Cycle', investigate real life contextual situations involving analysis of data leading to conclusions. 

Students carry out investigations in Time Series and Formal Inference where they analyse data mainly using computer technology and interpret the results based on a deeper understanding of Statistical knowledge and concepts.

The Achievement Standards offered in the Statistical section are focusing on Time Series, Formal Inference, and Evaluating Statistical Reports.

2. Mathematics:

In this part of the course, basic Algebraic Methods and Techniques are used to solve problems set in real life contextual situations.

Solving Simultaneous Equations and Linear Programming are the main focus in this part of the course. 

Students that struggle with Algebraic Methods and Techniques will find success in this course because in the two areas, the range of skills needed to develop is narrow and straightforward.

Course Overview

Term 1
Time Series (Internal Assessment - Term 1)

Formal Inference (Internal Assessment - Term 1)

Term 2
Statistical Reports (External Assessment Preparation - Term 2)

Simultaneous Equations (Internal Assessment - Term 2)

Term 3
Linear Programming (Internal Assessment - Term 3)

The last half of Term 3 is used in preparation for a Practice Examination for the External Examination, 'Evaluating Statistical Reports'. This occurs during Senior Assessment Week late in Term 3.

Term 4
The focus of Term 4 is preparation for the only External Examination, 'Evaluating Statistical Reports'. Much of the revision is based on the students' performance in the two Diagnostic Tests they do in Term 2 and Term 3. Students identify strengths and weaknesses and strive for improvement of Skills, Knowledge and Mathematical Techniques.

Learning Areas:


Career Pathways

Survey Interviewer, Surveyor, Data Analyst, Quantity Surveyor, Survey Technician, Statistician, Building Surveyor

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

In-class/at home workbooks and study guides required during the year cost approximately $36.

Pathway Tags

Engineer, Architect, Builder, Robotics Engineer, Statistician, Game Designer, Animator, Exercise Physiologist, Meteorologist, Pilot, Mechanic, Stock Broker, Fund Manager, Economist, Machinist, Insurance Broker, Risk Analyst, Teacher.