Psychology 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. Adams


 ENG1, HIS 1, GEO1, HUM 1, PSY 1 

Psychology is a subject focussed on explaining behaviour. Topic studied will include: Examine the different psychological approaches used to explain behaviour, and examine how psychological debate has changed over time. This course will introduce some key psychology concepts. The course will also cover: OCD; Bipolar disorder, and group conformity. 

It will also involve designing and carrying out an experiment. Social psychology and the Psychology of Sport will also be covered.

Course Overview

Term 1
Approaches used to explain behaviour: Behaviourism, Psychoanalysis, and Biology
OCD, Tourettes, and Bi - polar disorder
Internal on approaches

Term 2
Addiction: what causes addiction?
Social media and its impacts
Debate internal

Term 3
Research / experiment
Sport Psychology and Criminal Psychology

Term 4
Special study on sleep disorders

Learning Areas:



Classical Studies 3, Geography 3, History 3, Psychology 3

Psychology is a subject focussed on explaining behaviour. It is a rapidly growing area. It leads too many careers including psychologist, counselling, marketing, teaching, social work, psychiatrist, police, justice, and law. If you interested in why people do certain things, it is a good option for you.