Product Technology 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr N. Bradley


Open Entry - 10PTC preferred

Product Technology involves:

Inventing/developing exciting new prototypes to address real needs that exist within our community. Innovation is a key component going forward in most aspects of life and is the foundation of this course.
•Students will identify an opportunity to develop their own individual product.
•They then follow a design process to develop a prototype of it.
•Students will manufacture this in the school’s workshops using a range of technologies such as MIG/TIG welding.
•This course involves both academic and practical components.
•Pathway to tertiary/university courses in Engineering, Design, Technology and Product Development

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Click the link below to see example products that capture the essence of Product Technology as it operates in industry.

Here are two sample products that our Y11 PTC students have developed in the last few years.

 Nathaniel Hansen developed an innovative solution to storing wakeboards on a Jetski. Nathaniel had to consider the preferences of all the key stakeholders involved, ergonomics, and also the safety aspects involved in storing such an item on such a fast-moving machine. Also Key in this development was ensuring that the high-quality finish of these valuable machines was not compromised by this product being attached to it.

Dylan Cooper developed a trolley to be used to load diving gear from his vehicle onto his boat at the local marina. Dylan had to consider the preferences of key stakeholders, the space needed for all the diving gear involved, the requirements of working on the local marina walkways, and the effects of a corrosive saltwater environment. Dylan's design allowed it to be partly folded up to lessen the space required to store it when not in use.

Click the link below to see many other student products developed in this subject.

Course Overview

Term 1
Identifying a product idea.
Researching possible product.
Communications with client and stakeholders.
Exploring possible solutions
Modelling selected product idea.

Term 2
Developing product further.
Proving likely fitness for purpose.
Writing final design brief.
CAD drawing product in detail.
Starting product manufacture

Term 3
Product manufacture
Product testing.

Term 4
Product testing.
Product evaluation.

Learning Areas:



Product Technology 2

All Engineering Areas, Design, All Technology areas, Product Development, Product Design, Industrial design, Architect, Building & Construction, Industrial Management, Technician, Apprenticeships, Media design, Ergonomics.

Pathway Tags

Product designer, Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Civil Engineering Technician/Draughtsperson, Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Secondary School Teacher, Tertiary Lecturer, Biomedical Technician (Mechanical and Electronic), Graphic Designer, Game Developer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Building and Construction Manager, Building Contractor, Building Inspector, Industrial Designer, Landscape Architect, Agricultural Engineer, Farm Worker, Driller, Sign maker, Technical Writer, Geospatial Specialist, Architect, Architectural Technician, Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, Naval Architect, Boat Designer, Surveyor, Designer, Cafe Worker, Cafe/Restaurant Manager Environmental Health Officer, Baker, Meat Inspector, Tertiary Lecturer, Food Technologist, Butcher, Automotive Electrician, Automotive Mechanic, Panelbeater, Vehicle Body Builder/Trimmer, Vehicle Painter, Electronics Trades Worker, Engineering Machinist, Fabrication Engineer, Gunsmith, Industrial Spray Painter, Lift Technician, Locksmith, Marine Engineer, Refrigeration/Air-conditioning Technician, Toolmaker, Welder, Construction and Infrastructure, Building Insulator, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Electrician, Fencer, Floor and Wall Tiler, Floor Covering Installer, Glazier, Joiner, Painter and Decorator, Plasterer, Plumber, gasfitter and drainlayer, Quantity Surveyor, Roofer, Stonemason, Energy and Chemical Plant Operator, Boat Builder, Brewer, Clothing Marker/Cutter, Furniture Finisher, Glass Processor, Metal Worker, Plastics Technician, Plastics Worker, Product Assembler, Pulp and Paper Mill Operator, Sewing Machinist, Textile Process Operator, Upholsterer, Watchmaker and Repairer, Wood Machinist, Wood Processing Worker, Air Force Airman/Airwoman, Air Force Officer, Army Officer, Army Soldier, Navy Officer, Navy Sailor, Visual Merchandiser, Light Technician, Exhibition Technician, Artist, Forklift Operator, Heavy Truck Driver, Train Driver, Bicycle Mechanic, Line Mechanic, Picture Framer, Copywriter, Marketing Specialist, Visual Merchandiser, Art Director (Film/Television/Stage), Light Technician, Exhibition Technician, Animator/Illustrator, Artist, Clothing Designer, Clothing Pattern Maker, Graphic Pre-Press Worker, Metal Worker

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