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Physics - University and NZ Scholarship

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr N. Burling

100 Level Physics paper from The Victoria University of Wellington, PHYS114 - Physics 1A.

This course covers non-relativistic mechanics, wave motion and quantum mechanics, including kinematics and dynamics, fundamental conservation laws, rotational motion and oscillations, mechanical waves and an introduction to quantum physics.  There is significant incorporation of Calculus into this course.

Assessment is by Assignments (5%), Laboratory work (20%), Terms test (15%) and the Final Exam (60%)

Term 3 will cover practising exam problems, laboratory work and demonstrations relevant to Scholarship Physics

Course Overview

Term 1
Classical Mechanics - Kinematics, Projectile motion, Circular motion, Rotational motion (lecturer Ben Ruck)

Term 2
Oscillations, Waves and Fluid dynamics (lecturer Eric Le Ru)

The final exam will be in the last three weeks of term two (exact date determined by the University)

Term 3
Practise of exam problems, laboratory work and demonstrations relevant to Scholarship Physics

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$75 paid in full before the course starts.
NB: This course is subsidised by Tauranga Boys College. If the student withdraws at any stage, you a liable for the full cost of the paper ($848).


HOD Approval

University perquisites are "at least 12 AS credits of NCEA Level 3 Mathematics including standards AS91578 (Differentiation) and AS91579 (Integration), and at least 18 AS credits of NCEA Level 3 Physics including standards AS91524 (Mech), AS91526 (Elec) and either AS91523 (Waves) or AS91521 (Prac)".

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