Statistics & Modelling 3

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Guttormson


If you did not take a pathway course at Level 2, or achieved fewer than 14 credits in that course, you will need HOD approval

MAS3 is a Level 3 course for academic students seeking to experience and learn higher level statistical knowledge, concepts and skills. University Statistics is a natural progression for successful students in this course.

There are two Internally Assessed Achievement Standards, and three Externally Assessed Achievement Standards in this course that offer 20 credits in total.

Students choosing this course option may also choose to do the Statistics Scholarship Examination as part of the External Examinations.

The two Internal Achievement Standards , Time Series and Formal Inference, focus on the analysis of data and forming a conclusion based on the Statistical Enquiry Cycle. The assessments are based on investigations of data in real life contextual situations. Data is analysed using computer technology and the students interpretation of results in a formal statistical report is the basis for assessment in these Achievement Standards.

Two of the three External Achievement Standards in this course, Probability Concepts and Probability Distributions, explore methods of estimating the likelihood of an event taking place in a wide range of contextual situations using specialised techniques and a deeper understanding of Mathematical concepts, ideas, and processes.

The last External Achievement Standard, Evaluating Statistical Reports, focuses on developing skills that will enable students to critically assess the reliability of statistical information in many types of published media reports.

Course Overview

Term 1
• Time Series, AS91580. In this Standard the focus is on how data changes over a period of time. Students will Investigate time series data integrating statistical methods and contextual knowledge to identify major features, and forecasting future values based on a set of multivariate data provided.

• Formal Inference, AS91582. A major component of this Standard is modelling using computer technology to analyse data so that a Formal Inference can be made from a sample of data about the population the sample was selected from.

Term 2
• Statistical Reports, AS91584. As a result of this Standard, students will be able to evaluate statistical reports found in a variety of media forms, and assess how reliable the statistics presented in reports are. Understanding; Sampling Techniques, Sampling Error, and Margin of Error are major concepts that lead to success in this Standard.

• Probability Concepts, AS91585. Here students learn to calculate probabilities in. a wide range of real-life contextual situations that require specialist Mathematical knowledge and skills. Modelling using formulae, tree diagrams, Venn diagrams and abstract thinking lead to a deeper understanding of probability in this course.

Term 3
• Probability Distributions, AS91586. In this Standard students focus specific statistical models by identifying features, and calculating probabilities involving; Random Variables, Binomial Distributions, Poisson Distributions, Normal Distributions, Triangular Distributions, and Uniform Distributions.

• Senior Assessment week. Late in the term students will take part in a three hour Practice Examination of the three External Standards. Students are encouraged to use the results of the Practice Examinations to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses leading to developing a meaningful, individual revision and study programme in Term 4.

• Scholarship Statistics. During Term 3, students are invited to enrol in this External Examination that incorporates higher level Statistical knowledge, concepts and skills. Regular tutorials will be held in Term 3 and 4 so that students can extend their Statistical knowledge, concepts and skills beyond material in the MAS3 programme

Term 4
• Preparation for External Examinations.
- Evaluating Statistical Reports
- Probability Concepts
- Probability Distributions

Learning Areas:



Statistics - University or NZ Schol.

Career Pathways

Market Research Analyst, Production Manager, Valuer, Urban/Regional Planner, Event Manager, Actuary, Financial Adviser, Insurance Loss Adjuster, Forest Manager, Landscape Architect

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

In-class/at home workbooks and study guides required during the year range will be approximately $36.

Pathway Tags

Engineer, Architect, Builder, Robotics Engineer, Statistician, Game Designer, Animator, Exercise Physiologist, Meteorologist, Pilot, Mechanic, Stock Broker, Fund Manager, Economist, Machinist, Insurance Broker, Risk Analyst, Teacher.