Year 11 in 2021

English, Mathematics and at least one Science are compulsory

· Based your achievement up to the end of the year, you will be placed into an English course and a Mathematics course most suited to your ability.

·  You must choose at least one Science* from Science, Chemistry and Physics, Biology, Agriculture & Horticulture, Electronics.


* you cannot choose both Science and Chemistry and Physics.

All Year 11 students will study 6 subjects.

English  5 periods 

Mathematics 5 periods

a Science 5 Periods

Option 1.  5 periods

Option 2.  5 periods 

Option 3.  5 periods

30 periods

Please Note:

Problems arise each year where students select inappropriate options and find after a month or so that they cannot cope. Please ensure that your choice of options is matched to your ability to achieve in that subject – ask your teachers if you are in doubt!

Need additional help?

* Ask your subject teacher or Form Teacher

* Ask the Head of Department

* Ask one of the Student Liaison staff: Ms Jones, Mr Meys, or Mrs Wallace-Boyd.

* Ask the year-group Tutor.

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