10 Mandarin

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms S. Barrett


Mandarin at Year 10 scaffolds students towards the senior school. Akonga learn how to describe the world and the decisions they make, such as clothing, interests, and transport. Reading and writing opportunities increase, along with further investigation into traditional and contemporary cultural aspects. The aim is to develop increasingly confident communicators who are curious about exploring all that China has to offer.

Course Overview

Semester A
Reintroducing ourselves to Mandarin: revision of Level 9 vocabulary and grammar
Let's write!: Revision of pinyin and tones, and the introduction of hanzi.
The business: Topics such as 'What shall I wear?', 'Where shall we meet?', 'Let's watch rugby!' and 'Did you see them?' are all topics which culminate in real life tasks to complete.
Let's talk about it!: Oral presentation will take place during this semester.

Semester B
This is a semester option. This means that it runs over approximately half the school year. The option will run in either the first or second half of the year.

There are continuing opportunities throughout the year to be involved in field trips, exchanges, and other Mandarin activities.


Previous study in Mandarin is preferred.


Apart from dedicated career paths, such as interpreter, teacher, or translator, a language is a useful addition to any future pathway. Marketing, sales, law, medicine, health and lifestyle, and diplomatic careers all benefit from an additional worldview.