10 Philosophy

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr G. Cass

This course is a continuation from Year 9 Philosophy and a bridge to Year 11 Philosophy. There is a focus on developing logic and critical thinking. The content is from a range of philosophical areas and you, the student, will help guide the discussion. The teacher will help you to develop thinking skills and improve your reasoning around a broad range of topics.

Course Overview

Term 1
Ethics, Social and Moral Philosophy, Logic and Epistemology.

Term 2
Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Political Economy, Philosophy of Science


The course is open to all Year 10 students, however if necessary preference will be given to students who have taken Year 9 Philosophy. 

Assessment Information

Students are assessed on their ability to discuss ideas, record them in writing with a final summative assessment to judge their retention and understanding of the course as a whole.


This course focuses on critical thinking and is a good supporting subject for any academic career. It is particularly suited to students interested in Politics, Governance and the Law as potential career areas. Students are able to study these subjects at a University level in Year 13 if they follow this pathway.

Career Pathways