9 Drama

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms K. Vercoe

"Drama is so much fun! We get to learn up on our feet, rather than being stuck sitting at desks. 

This year we got to do skits, use costumes, make puppets, play games and heaps more."

Students will work together cooperatively in groups to devise, develop and present a variety of dramas in front of their classmates. It will focus on the following strands taken from the Drama curriculum:

Students will develop confidence in presenting to an audience, and become increasingly audience aware. They will explore how to use body, voice, space, and movement to take on and sustain a role. 

Course Overview

Term 1
Students will explore basic drama conventions such as tableaux, mime, and narration through a series of improvised and scripted tasks, to build foundational Drama skills. Key words and vocabulary will be developed through practical workshops, including gesture, facial expressions, posture, and movement.

Using a well-known myth as the basis, students will write scripts for a puppet show that they will create. They will research styles of puppets and make their own puppets for the piece. A focus on expression and using voice to effect contributes to the learning in this module.

Students will learn basic stage combat skills to incorporate into a Pirates of The Caribbean themed devised drama. They will use conventions within the devised piece (E.G slow motion, split-stage, use of levels, mime, dialogue, silence).